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Who We Are?

Good day! With a very delightful frame of mind we would like to let you know about a unique business entrepreneur. Yes, they are none but us. We, DRTL have intended to emerge to the market as an entrepreneur who will be dealing with E-commerce portal. We like to put up our all expertise and business sense to this portal, we would like to bring up this portal like a spoon feed baby with all the required facilities. Let’s go to the center point directly which will show our uniqueness.


Our Offer to You


Not only we are going to trade with our own products or services, rather we like to expand our market footprint through B2B concept. We believe, this would ensure mutual benefits for both the parties. To us it’s grabbing more shades and to you it’s increasing the sales volume. We consider that you are expert in your own business sector and we are expert in marketing and E- commerce strategies. So, let’s go together with a view to enhancing our own expertise. So, we would like to offer you to handshake with us. We are not going interfere with any of your policies; we just want to be your affiliated market partner. We want to promote your products, sell your products and have a profit sharing based on the selling.

Why You Will Handshake With Us ?

We are not going to handshake with you only; rather we are going to handshake with all the possible parties gradually who are doing business related to those five basic needs.Our ultimate mission & vision are to build up an online Mega mall. Think about an outlet X of brand “A” which is just beside a road or in a small shopping mall, and think about another outlet Y of same brand “A” which is in Mega City complex. What do you think about the sales volume of X and Y outlets? Definitely outlet Y will have more sales than X, as Mega City complex has more customers who visited more than any other shopping mall. We are on the same concept as described just now. We want to believe right now that you MUST be convinced to Hand Shake with us. This is very natural that we cannot sell all the products and you cannot maintain the big online market. So, let us be on our own ways and be mutually benefitted out of it. Still if you have any query or any better proposal, please let us know about that. We will receive any of your suggestion warmly.